Hunter Belle CheeseCheese tasting available the Cafe between 9.00am & 11.45am & 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Hunter Belle Cheese has a large variety of cheese to suit your taste. Whether it's a creamy camembert, punchy blue, or crumbly cheddar we can provide the perfect cheese for any occasion!

Soft Cheese

Camambelle, Goldenbelle, Briebelle and Fetabelle are just some of the handmade soft cheeses at Hunter Belle. Brown Swiss cow milk makes our soft cheese beautifully creamy, and the quality of the milk means there is no need for us to add any extra cream for cheesemaking - apart from our decadent triple cream brie!

Try our award winning Ash Brie 

Hard Cheese

We have a range of hard cheeses at Hunter Belle, from our bitey Cheddarbelle to our nutty Bellyere. Our hard cheeses are carefully aged under the watchful eyes of the cheesemakers to fully develop their complex flavours.

Blue Cheese

Hunter Belle's unique blue cheese is a semi hard, blue vein cheese called Blue Moon. Although firm to touch, it is delightfully creamy and fruity on the palette.

Club Cheddar

Our unique flavours of cheddar are definitely a must try! They are made with a 2 year old cheddar and combined with punchy flavours before being pressed back into rounds.

Ol Smokey, Cranberry & Pistachio, Italian Herbs & Garlic, Caramelised Onion & Thyme, Smokey Bacon, Mexicana and our notorious Beer Cheese make a great addition to any platter.