Geoff and Tania ChesworthGeoff & Tania Chesworth

Before Hunter Belle, Geoff and Tania were full time dairy farmers. They ran a farm in Denman, NSW and milked 400 cows, as well as raising their children Jason, Chris and Nikki.

Once the kids were all grown up, they purchased Hunter Belle Cheese, a small boutique cheese factory in the back of a run down café. They have built it up over the past 5 years to what it is today, rapidly growing cheese business, booming café and a wonderful place to bring everything together, cheese, fudge, gelato, giftware, food, wine & gourmet beer.

Annie & Jason Chesworth

Annie and Jason ChesworthJason is Geoff and Tania’s eldest son, and manages the wholesale cheese department. He makes cheese in the factory, when time permits, and has a big passion to continue with Hunter Belle’s Growth. Jason has a passion for cows and cheese to rival any other, and hence means that Annie too loves cheese and cows.

Tavia Jordan

Chef Tavia

Since joining the Hunter Belle team in 2012, Tavia has really pushed for excellence on the Café front. After becoming a head chef at just 21, she was a great addition to our team. Her cooking goals of using fresh local produce to construct wonderful seasonal menus fit in extremely well with Hunter Belle’s focus. Tavia is born and bred from Muswellbrook, and as expected, has a deep passion for the beautiful hunter valley and loves spending time exploring the outdoors

Without these people Hunter Belle Cheese and Café could not and would not exist, we thank them for their dedication to their jobs, themselves and the business.